Anthocoris nemorum Common Flower bug

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Classification Order: Heteroptera Family: Miridae

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Length 3 - 4 mm

Phenology All Year


Forewings are mostly reflective with a.pronotum completley black.
Legs of this Mirid orange-brown , dark patches near the tip of the femora also variy , especially on the hind leg.The 2nd and 3rd segment of the antennae are in the main pale , with dark segment tips and dark 1st and 4th segments The membrane has a dark patch which is hourglass-shaped.

Habitat This bug is predacious and found on a variety of plants but is more commonly found on low vegetation as opposed to trees and larger shrubs . These specimens found August on Nettles adjacent to grass after cutting. It is common throughout the UK being likely the most common species of this genus.

Similar Species A. nemoralis.

Adult: All year

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IMAGES 23342 (C) 2008 COLIN DUKE
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