Campyloneura virgula (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1835)

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Classification Order: Heteroptera Family: Miridae

Home > Heteroptera >> Miridae Subfamily: Dicyphinae.

Length 4-5 mm

Phenology July-October


Distinguished by the yellow cunei - the tips of the hardened portion of the forewings It has a relatively .long antennae

Nymphs are distintely characteristic and are yellow, with red-banded antennae with a red stripe on the lateral margins of the pronotum

Similar Species . Cyllecoris histrionius, Tupiocoris rhododendri

Life cycle Males of this species are rare supprting the view that C. virgula might be parthenogenetic.

Habitat A common tree dweller on hazel, hawthorn and oak common throughout the British Isles


Campyloneura virgula 20174


Campyloneura virgula 20164


Campyloneura virgula 20172