Grypocoris stysi

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Classification Order: Heteroptera Family: Miridae

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AKA Calocoris stysi

Length 6-8 mm

Phenology :June-August Adult


Stenotus binotatus


An eye catching species It has a chequered pattern "x" like of light yellow-white areas The cuneal tips are bright orange-yellow making this a distinctive and fairly easily recognised observation in the field

Grypocoris stysi 39540

Life CycleIn May eggs hatch nymphs reach end stage adult June and July, with limitted life span up to August

Grypocoris stysi juv 38910

Habitat Found mainly on nettles woodland settings less often umbellifers or white bryony.

Grypocoris stysi 38880

Grypocorus stysi juvenile 38891


Grypocoris stysi 8237


Grypocoris stysi 29216