Harpocera thoracica 

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Classification Order: Heteroptera Family: Miridae

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Length aprox 6 mm

Phenology May-June


Dimorphic ( Male Female Variation ) and are different in appearance

Males are more elongate in shape, with longer tibiae and a distinctive inflated 2nd antennal segmen

Life Cycle

The adults of Harpocera thoracica live for about one month only (May), the males even shorter. After beingdeposited the eggs remain eggs for some 10 months. Adults appear in the spring and are short-lived(particularly males), the species spending almost all the year in the egg stage larval development takes only 2 weeks. Nymphs are reddish and covered in dark hairs. The Two basal antennal segments are thickened.


Harpocera thoracica 17461


Harpocera thoracica 17013


Harpocera thoracica 17015


Harpocera thoracica 17453