Common Green Capsid Lygocoris pabulinus

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Classification Order: Heteroptera Family: Miridae

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Length 5-6.5 mm

Phenology June-October


The genus Lygocoris can be differentiated from other green bugs by fine and inconspicuous pale brown tibial spines at higher resolution and break in the keel between the eyes. The appearance of the pronotum is straight-sided the membranous wing tips are brown in colour.L. pabulinus has a smooth pronotum is and the entire upper surface generally uniformly green.smooth The pronotum is straight-sided. Nymphs are uniformly green


This mirid may be demed a minor pest The eggs are laid September in young Hawthorn twigs of , Apple, Currant, Cherry or Lime. The green young hatch the following spring, and after 2 moults move to herbaceous plants particularly Netttle, Creeping Thistles, Groundsel, Dandilions, Black Nightshade, Potatoes and Strawberries. They mature in June . The adults lay eggs in the stems and leaf stalks of their food plants.The second generation is ,mature by September , and after pairing return to the twigs of Hawthorn and winter hosts. When this bug is found on Rasperberry (esp Scotland) it is often found thereon throughout visa viz Rose or Elder. This species may cause damage to cultivated fruits such as Gooseberry , Currants and other Berries.

Habiitat Found on a range of woody and herbaceous plants, notably nettles. Urtica

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