Megacoelum infusum

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Classification Order: Heteroptera Family: Miridae

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Length aprox 7 mm

Phenology July-October

Identification A notable orange-brown bug having long legs and antennae. The dorsal surface is smooth and nearly completely hairless. Rear of the corium is usually dark , the cuneus entirely orange.Tibial spines are roughly equal to the tibial width.

Host plants give some clues to differentating similrs M. infusum is found on oak - tibial spines are roughly equal to the tibial width. The similar M. beckeri has longer tibial spines and is found on Scots pine

Life CycleFeeds on small insects as well as oak sap.

Megacoelum infusum 21484


Megacoelum infusum 21480



Megacoelum infusum 21481


Unknown Nymph 40646