Megaloceroea recticornis Mirid

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Classification Order: Heteroptera Family: Miridae

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Length 8- 10 mm

Phenology Adult mainly June-September

Identification This long thin Grass Mirid is adaapted to live amongst tall thin grass stems with a characteristic longitudinal furrow between the eyes,It has extremely long antennae (the 1st segment alone is almost as long as the head and pronotum combined) and very long, slender hind legs. The tarsi are all dark. Unlike Notostira elongata, the tibiae and 1st antennal segments are covered with short spinose hairs. Whilst the ground colour of the adult varies from straw-yellow to green, Nymphs are green with two brown bands on the thorax.

Habitat grasslands, uncut meadows and woodland borders.

Megaloceroea recticornis 30492


Megaloceroea recticornis 30501

Megaloceroea recticornis 30506

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