Plagiognathus arbustorum( Fabricius, 1794 )

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Family: Miridae Subfamily: Phylinae Tribe: Phylini Genus: Plagiognathus Species: Plagiognathus arbustorum

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Length circa 4 mm

Phenology July-October

IdentificationVariable ground colour from pale olive-green to almost black, Head and front of pronotum are generally dark,similarly the 1st and 2nd antennal segments. A key feature on the Legs isthe black line running along hind femur edge is a strong diagnostic for the species see last image .It is also present in late instar nymphs Also on the legs Spines on the hind tibiae are equal to or longer than the tibial width and arising from from black spots. Pronotum and forewings are covered in dark hairs.

Life Cycle

Habitat Found on a range of plants, notably Nettles Urtica

IMAGES 23355 (C) 2008 COLIN DUKE
IMAGES 23357 (C) 2008 COLIN DUKE
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Plagiognathus arbustorum 0494



Plagiognathus arbustorum 30782



Plagiognathus arbustorum 30789