Stenodema holsata Grass Mirid bug

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Classification Order: Heteroptera Family: Miridae

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Length 6-7 mm

Phenology All year

Identification Similar to S. laevigata it much shorter and broader appearance Hair on the 1st antennal segment is shorter than in other Stenodema species. It has similar appearance to Acertropis gimmerthalii.

Life Cycle

Adults overwinter and mate in spring, Males and Females are typically green , although males usually darker than females. Larvae present May-July, The new generation of Adults is straw-coloured and are seen from July onwards blending with the dry yellow summer grasses.

Habitat It is a common Stenodema in upland areas, particularly those dominated by purple moor grass.

Stenodema holsata 16282


Stenodema holsata 16278

Stenodema holsata 16279


Stenodema holsata 16280