Nabis rugosus Common Damsel Bug

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Length .6.5-7.5 mm



Common Damselbug is almost always brachypterous (used to describe an animal with short or reduced wings) Forewings reach the end of the abdomen end , or stops just before its end, Fully Winged Specimens ( Macropterous) are rarer, and could be confused with other species in the Genus N. ferus, / N. pseudoferus.

N. rugosus is yellow-brown in colour, with pale forewings. The Pronotal width and length of the are very similar (width : length = 1.6 : 1.5).

Life Cycle

Adults overwinter, mating and egg-laying occur in the spring. Larvae may be June -September; the new generation of adults completed from August


Widespread in grassy habitats, and perphaps one of the commonest British Damselbugs


Common Damsel Bug 16510



Common Damsel Bug 16518