Broad Shoulder Shieldbug Cydnus aterrimus

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Family Cynidae

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Length 8 to 12 mm

Description A Burrowing Bug Found under spurge and among exposed roots in stony or sand places.

Not found in the UK, but found in the Channel Islands

Biology / Habitat / Life Cycle dry and warm, often sandy or calcareous areas where the host plants of the genus Euphorbia occur. These burrowers live several centimeters below ground and feed on the roots of the host plant. However, older larvae and imagines can also be found above ground on the host plants, where they either hide under the lower leaves or feed on seeds and ovules, and copulating pairs can also be found on the flowers.

Eggs (approx. 30 to 65 eggs per clutch) are deposited in the ground near the host plants and are guarded by the mother. The mothers engange brood care until the offspring have reached the second instar. The larvae take up special excretions from the anus of the mother that provide them with endosymbiotic bacteria. Cydnus aterrimus overwinters as imago digged into the ground. Overwintering adults occur from April, the next generation imagines are found from July