Scarlet Shieldbug Eurydema dominulus

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Family Pentatomidae

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Length 6-7 mm

Phenology All year

Description Shieldbugs in the Genus Eurydema are conspicuously coloured, usually red and black bugs, but often with other colour morphs. E. dominulus is similar to the larger E. ornatum, but the margin of the corium is entirely red.

Life CycleOverwinters as an adult, emerging in the spring. Nymphs may be found May-July on a range of hostplants in the Brassicaceae Family , inlcuding Cuckoo flower and Lesser swine cress. growing in woodland rides and clearings. A scarce species which has considerably declined, with lomittrd records from parts of Sussex.and Kent

Similars Compare E. oleracea, E. ornatum