Ornate Shield Bug Eurydema ornata

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Family Pentatomidae

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Family: Pentatomidae

Length 7-9 mm

Phenology All year


Shieldbugs in the Genus Eurydema are conspicuously coloured, usually red and black bugs, but often with other colour morphs. Shown below . Similar to E. dominulus The red and black form of this species can be differentiated from the smaller E. dominulus by the presence of dark marks along the edge of the corium. E. ornata also has a pale morph in which the ground colour is whitish-yellow.

Over winters as adult feeding on crucifers, such as cress, cabbages radish etc it is usually Red and Black but other colour Morphs present like the Orange form below.

Habitat Predominately a Southern Species established in the Channel Isles, and coastal areas of Dorset and Hampshire and Sussex; it may also appear else ewhere in southern counties England.