Bordered Shieldbug Legnotus limbosus

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Family Cydnidae

Home > Heteroptera >>Pentatomoidea

Length 3.5-4.5 mm

DescriptionThis species is a small black ground dwelling shieldbug with a pale edge to the corium extending much further down the corial edge toward the wing membrane in contrast to picipes where it reaches only half way down the edge The rarer L. picipes is similar, although only the basal edge of the corium is pale and the central lobe of the head is the same length as the outer two ie L.limbosus appears to have an indent in the area of the central lobe , picipes does not

Habitat This species Associated with bedstraws (Galium sp) growing on friable dry soils in sunny situations, frequently burrowing into loose soil at the base of the foodplant.