Heath Shieldbug Legnotus picipes

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Family Cynidae

Home > Heteroptera >>Pentatomoidea

Length 3.0 - 4.0 mm


This species is a small black ground dwelling shieldbug with a pale edge to the corium extending only half way down the edges of the wings. The commoner L. limbosus is similar, with the entire edge of the corium is pale and the central lobe of the head is clearly shorter than the outer two (the same length in L. picipes)

ID Summary

The key differntiator is therefore the extent of the white corial marking at its edge
The indent or not in the central lobe
and thespecimen size.


The species is Associated with bedstraws (Galium sp) but located in much drier and sandier situations than L. limbosus; frequently in coastal dunes, also in breckland and at the edges of heaths.