Lesser Streaked Shieldbug Odontoscelis lineola

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Family Scutelleridae

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Length 4.0-5.0 mm

Phenology Adult Observed most frequent June-July

Description This is a small shieldbug exhibitting bands of silvery hairs along the length of the pronotum and scutellum. These are niotably absent in the larger related O. fuliginosa, which is also rarer

The remaining dorsal surface is covered in dark hairs. The host plant on which the Nymphs feed is Storksbill Erodium circutarium on which they overwinter, maturing to adult in the spring and mating in June-July.


Habitat This is scarce species and limitted in its Uk Distribution it is local on coastal sand dunes in the south, and sandy heathland sites in Kent, Surrey and East Anglia, including the brecklands.