Pied Shieldbug Tritomegas bicolor Linnaeus (1758)

( aka Sehirus bicolor )

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Family Cydnidae

Adult All year round with adults first appearing in July

Length 5 . 5 - 7 .5 mm

Larvae. May - Late SeptemberThe bug feeds upon the seeds of White Dead Nettle ( Lamium album ) Black Hore Hound (Ballota nigra ) and possibly other Lamiates. Female Pieds will care for their broods , laying their eggs in a hole below groundLike other members of the Cydnidae S. bicolor lays about 40 eggs which the female guards until they hatch in early spring or summer. These buga have row of pegs on the hind wing which when rubbed across a horny ridge on the abdomen produce a sound, this sound is important in courtship The burrowing habit is not completely lost though as it burrows into the leaf-litter to over winter, and digs a hole in the soil in which to lay its eggs.

Habitat Often found along the edges of Woodland Wasteground Parks and Gardens. It is a ground dwelling species that climbs the food plabnt oin warm weather to feed A distinctive species of bug which as the name suggests is black and white