Spear Thistle Lace Bug Tingis carduis

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This pecies is grey-brown lacebugs Tingis sp latgely due toa a covere of white powdery deposits made of wax. Antennae The 4th antennal segment is notably broader than 3rd with three frontal processes (small projections arising from the front of the head between the antennae). They are always fully-winged.Distinguished from other Tingis species by the black-tipped antennae and tibiae and by the 2-3 rows of meshes at the edge of the pronotum and along the margins of the forewings. The two projections arising just behind the eyes (occipital processes) are very short, and do not extend beyond the frontal processes.

Habitat Found commonly on spear thistlet accross most of Britain , itss hostplant.

Overwinters as an adult and lay eggs on the foodplant in the spring and early summer. Larvae June-September; the new adult generation is complete from July onwards.

Similar Species Compare T. ampliata 

By Didier Descouens (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons