Neophilaenus lineatus Leafhopper

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Classification Homoptera Family: Cicadellidae

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Length 5-7 mm

Phenology Adult June to November, sometimes overwintering

Identification N. lineatus is differentiated by a pale line running down the outside edge of the forewing, and by the central, anterior 'plate' on the vertex . This is wider than long (the last feature separating it from the similar, but rarer N. longiceps, which is restricted to salt-marshes). The scutellar tip is normally dark, The face has dark transverse lines, and a dark midline. There is a form which is dark that occurs in certain populations living on Purple moor grass Molinia caerulea.

Neophilaenus can be separated from Philaenus by the straight costal margin in the basal two-thirds of the forewing; there are many UK Species

Life Cycle


Neophilaenus lineatus  0007


Neophilaenus lineatus  0005


Neophilaenus lineatus  0006