Anoscopus flavostriatus

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Classification Order: Diptera – true flies Family: Cicadellidae

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Formerly Aphrodes flavostriatus

Length 3.3 - 3.6 mm

Phenology July to October

IdentificationThe vertex in Anoscopus sp in general are more rounded than that seen in Aphrodes Male specimens ae more readily identifiable than females ( Compare P. histrionicus ) Females in particular are often difficult to identify.

Forewings have dark streaks between pale veins, and a discernable dark band near the apex. The scutellum is partly brown or pale and the complex pattern on the vertex is consistent.

Life Cycle

Anoscopus flavostriatus 22134


Anoscopus flavostriatus 22136


Anoscopus flavostriatus 22135