Aphrodes makarovi Leafhopper

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Classification Homoptera Family: Cicadellidae

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Length 5.5 - 7.5 mm

Phenology June to October


Those oin the genus Aphrodes have in general sharply pointed vertex which always has a median keel. They can be variable with distinct forms occuring in various habitats. Females are often difficult to identify.

A. makarovi was in the past noted as a form of A. bicinctus but is larger, has pale wing veins and is more common.

Life Cycle

Habitat A range Host plants for this leafhoppe including dandelions, thistles and nettles, and it occurs widely across the UK,with southerly preference

Aphrodes markovi 31627


Aphrodes markovi 31629


Aphrodes makarovi 30349