Cicadella viridis Leaf Hopper

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Classification Homoptera Family: Cicadellidae

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Body Length 7 - 9mm

Phenology June to October


Notable coloured wings which are blue or greenissh turqoise blue ( males are darker with a pronutum of similar colour) . may sometimes have a black mark of variable sized in the middle of each forewing.The Pronotom is notably bicoloured (green at the rear and yellow at the front )

The yellowish hind legs are spiny , a feature distinguishing the leaf hopper from Frog hoppers .As stated the species is dimorphic The forewings of the female are bright turqoise green, males are much darker blue-purple and may even be blackish.

FoodPlant feeder on sedges and rushes.

Habitat Found in damp lush places such as marshy places, meadows etc common in damp marshyand grassland areas

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