Eupteryx aurata Potato Leafhopper

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Classification Homoptera Family: Cicadellidae

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Length 3.5-4.5 mm

Phenology May to November


The typical form distinctive for this leafhpper , It as bold dark markings and a pale 'hour-glass' on the dorsal forewing surface ; Markings can be reduced to little more than a few black spots on the wings

Ppronotum has always 2 large black spots, sometimes 2 additional small spots at the front middle. Spots on the vertex are large, reaching often the top of the face and rear margin. Overall colour is often tinged orange.

Similar Species Confusion species E. atropunctata, more greenish wiith reduced markings.

Life Cycle


Eupteryx aurata 7452


Eupteryx aurata 7450


Poatao Leafhopper 29454


Poatao Leafhopper 29445


Poatao Leafhopper 29446