Iassus lanio Leafhopper

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Classification Homoptera Family: Cicadellidae

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Length 6.5-8 mm

Phenology June to October


The relatively broad and short form of this genus distinguishes it The head is wide (equal to the width of the pronotum) asides of the pronotum are shorter than the eye.

The forewings in I. lanio vary in colour from green to pale brown with the vertex, pronotum and scutellum being heavily dark-mottled. Vertex is rounded and uniformly narrow when viewed from above. cf : I. scutellaris

The 2 species of Iassus can be differentiated from Batracomorpus by the 3 (as opposed to 5) spines at the hind femur tip

Similar Species

Life Cycle

Habitat This large and noticable leafhopper, common on oak across the UK


Iassus lanio 31905


Iassus lanio 31911


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