Conomelus anceps Leafhopper

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Classification Homoptera Family: Cicadellidae

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Length 4 mm

Phenology June to November


A brachypterous, species but fully-winged individuals occur. Wings possess dark spots on the otherwise pale veins, these are darker at the base and tip; there may be pale marks at the hind margin, but are not distinctive. Frons is pale brown, darker brown below, and the Vertex keels are Coloured uniformly, with the remainder.

Similar Species

Euconomelus lepidus.

Life Cycle


A species of damp areas such as Juncus (rushes) in meadows, woodlands and various other damp habitats

Conomelus anceps 22942


Conomelus anceps 22940


Conomelus anceps 22937

Conomelus anceps 22944