Amblyteles armatorius Ichneumon wasp

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Classification Order: Diptera – true flies Family: Ichneumonidae

Length . 15mm

Phenology Peaks June

Identification A large and fairly attractive Ichneumonidae, approximately 15 mm in length, excluding antennae. A parasitic wasp, which is stingless. The strong yellow and black markings on tergites most likely make it a Batesian mimic;This kind of mimicry involves protective mimicry in which an unprotected species closely looks like an unpalatable or harmful species and is avoided by predators

Life Cycle Found on summer flowers such as umbellifers like Hogweed feeding on pollen,

Habitat On roadside verges, hedgerows, woodland rides and clearings, especially on any dense undergrowth such as bramble patches.

Amblyteles armatorius 9433


Amblyteles armatorius 9434


Amblyteles armatorius 9422


Amblyteles armatorius 9433

Amblyteles armatorius 9436


Amblyteles armatorius 9431