Bramble Sawfly - Arge cyanocrocea

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Classification Order: Hymenoptera Family: Symphyta

Length 8 mm.

Phenology May to July


A recognisable species with a black head and thorax and an orange body. The wings have a notabe wide dark band across them.It has reddish, legsand they are sometimes small black rings. ( see last Image)

Life Cycle

Larvae are dependeant on Bramble Rubus sp


Observed in hedgerows and foraging on umbellifers such as Hogweed, adults wil diet on nectar and pollen.

Arge cyanocrocea 8716


Arge cyanocrocea 8718


Arge cyanocrocea 8722


Arge cyanocrocea 8719


Arge cyanocrocea 8732