Arge ochrupus - Rose Sawfly

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Classification Order: Hymenoptera Family: Symphyta

Length .
Length 7 to 10 mm.

Phenology May to September


The head and thorax are black, the body a yellowy orange. The wings have a dark mark along the border, but no dark cross band. The legs are banded and resemble stripey football socks.


This species is similar to Athalia rosae (Tenthredinidae), but in Arge ochropus the antennae are composed of three sections, the third of which is greatly elongated, while in Athalia rosae the antennae are composed of 10–11 items. Arge pagana is mainly black around pronotom .

Life Cycle

Larvae are bristly with yellow and black markings. There are 2 generations a year, female laying 16 to 18 eggs at a time on the upper, rose succulent tems. Larvae eat the leaves of cultivated and wild roses.


Adults may be seen near to hedgerows, and feeding on nectar and pollen from Hogweed and Tansy.


Fly 1887


Fly 1861


Fly 1870