Tenthredo livida - A Sawfly

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Classification Order: Hymenoptera Family: Symphyta

Length .

Phenology Adult flies from May to August


A sawfly with a noticable white mouth and white tips to its antennae (just discernible in Image 1 ). Abdomen variable in colour, sometimes all black, but with other forms with varying amounts of red. The white marked antennae together with the white and brown stigma in the forewing ( Image 3) is a key ID feature

Similar Species

Other sawflies have similar white banded antennae and a white 'mouth'.

T. livida is differentiated by its two-tone stigma - the apical two thirds brown / basal third pale.

T. ferruginea has a yellowish brown stigma and usually has white on the thorax and over the eyes.

T. balteata has a black or dark brown stigma.

Life Cycle

Larvae graze nocturnally feeding on a variety of leaves on trees and shrubs such , such as Hazel, Willow and Honeysuckle.


Woodland rides and hedgerows

Tenthredo livida  5487


Tenthredo livida  5478


Tenthredo livida  5478



Tenthredo livida 5488