Buff-tailed Bumble Bee (Bombus terrestris)

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Length 24 mm

Phenology February/March to October.

Similar to Bombus lucorum,

Workers are generally indistinguishable in the field. British specimens may but not always have a buff or orangey tail, which assists dentification.
Queens can be distinguished by the more golden yellow bands, compared to the lemon yellow of B. lucorum.

Flight Period

Common and widespread, except in N. After hibernation, female appears in April and visits flowers on sunny days. Builds nest in burrow. Recognised by broad, buffish yellow band at front of thorax and on abdomen; tip of abdomen buff.

 Bombus terrtris 26006


 Bombus terrestris 15911


  Bombus  terrestris 30020


  Bombus terrtris 26005