A Mining Bee Andrena florea

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Classification Hymenoptera Family: Apidae

Length .


Univoltine; late May to early J August . (one brood)


Medium-sized bee with reddish markings or bands at the base of the abdomen, much like some A. rosae and trimmerana but with shiny, punctate tergites and better developed flocci. The hind tibiae and tarsi are completely dark-haired.

Males resemble slim females and have antennal segment 3 longer than 4 (segment 2 much shorter than 3 in similar looking males of rosae and trimmerana).

Listed as Rare (RDB3)

Life Cycle

This is one of the few British Andrena which is restricted to a single plant species for pollen. White bryony (Bryonia dioica).


Sandy soils, including the edges of heathland, parkland, open clearings and the margins of woodland, and roadside verges.