Tawny Mining Bee (Andrena fulva)

(Muller in Allioni, 1776)

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Size : 10-12 mm long.

Female has a bright yellow abdomen, while the male, which is smaller, is dark.


Open habitats, including gardens, parks and woodland edges. Central and southern Europe, including southern England.


Flies April to June. Nests in the ground, especially on lawns, throwing spoil from the nest hole into a small, volcano-like mound. Solitary species.Nests in loose soil, often in lawns. It makes a characteristic cone shaped mound of soil. The cones are created with the soil excavated by the bees as they dig out nest cells underground.

The Tawny mining bee Andrena fulva is a solitary bee that is an important pollinator of fruit trees in spring. The female is very characteristic in appearance. Has orange-brown hairs over the thorax and abdomen and black hairs on the face legs and sides


Found Calderdale W Yorks Garden Centre 03 April 07 on Ceanothus spp Female